Windows 11: How to Download Microsoft’s Latest OS

You’re watching a funny YouTube video and you want to grab a snapshot for social media. Maybe you’re having issues with a program and you want to show someone exactly what’s on the screen. Once you’ve saved an image using the Snipping Tool you can use the Microsoft File Explorer to open it.

In the past, gaming on Windows has had its fair share of ups and downs, from Games on Windows Live to the barebones Xbox app in Windows 10. The design of it is simple enough, with a search bar at the top with instant results, alongside three categories to choose from on the sidebar to the left. Also, when you try to search for something, it launches the Search app, which is a bit jarring when it switches between this and the Start menu. It lacks the unification of the Windows 10 Start menu, when you would try to look for something and the results would appear in an instant. We also noticed that adding work accounts to a Calendar widget doesn’t work, but Microsoft tells us that it’s aware of this, and a fix is incoming. To run the new Windows operating system, your computer must have an in-built graphics card that supports DirectX 12 or a later version and a WDDM 2.0 driver.

Windows check this link Feature Experience Pack

Once upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, it is not possible to revert back to Windows 10 S. Anything downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store will run on Windows 10 S. If the experiment goes well, you can install Linux alongside Vista in a dual-boot configuration, so that you can load either at will. Read a few related to the version of Linux you decide to install.

  • Next, to edit the screen capture, use the TweakShot image editor in which the captured screenshot will open.
  • Once the editing part of the image is done, click the save icon on the top of the window to save the screenshot in different image formats.
  • If you want to take a quick screenshot of your active window, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + PrtSc.
  • Even though it’s a few months old as of now, it’s still not stable enough.

If you need to take a screenshot of the login screen, you can hack the Registry and use the Snipping Tool. It’s light; quick; and moreover, has been in game for over 13 years. It’s also open-source and, as a result, is open to customization as well. This method will be suitable for you if you’d like to customize the screenshot to your liking.

First, identify your Print Screen key

You can use the Share button on the controller, or you can use the PlayStation Camera. The Share button on the controller will take a screenshot and save it to the Pictures library on your PS4. The PlayStation Camera will take a screenshot and save it to your Camera Roll on your PS4. There are a few different ways to take screenshots of games.

On Windows 11, you can use Android applications which can be installed from the updated Microsoft Store. This has been one of the awaited features for years, and finally, it’s here. By installing the latest update, you’ll enjoy your computer and mobile devices being merged. In terms of storage, the Microsoft update mandates a minimum of 64 GB. It is important to note that just because you are currently running Windows 10, doesn’t mean your device is compatible with Windows 11. In fact, trying to update a device to Windows 11 that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements can break the machine and require a re-installation of Windows 10.

Microsoft recommends against installing Windows 11 on computers that have older CPUs it doesn’t officially support. We would also recommend against installing Windows 11 on these PCs. There’s no need to go out of your way to get the upgrade if you aren’t excited about running Windows 11 yet. If you wait a few months until Windows Update offers your PC the update, you can be sure there’s less breakage. Overall, Windows 11 feels like Windows 10 with a new sheet of paint. If you don’t want to upgrade immediately, you can wait.